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The Smell of Success

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Yinka Ewuola is a Coach, Consultant, Business Strategist, the Creator of the FAB & FEAR-less Imprint and the Multi-Award Winning Founder of Calla Success System. She works to support women to build thriving and profitable businesses while living full fabulous and nourishing lives and focuses on mindset, implementation and habits for success. In this month's blog post, she will be sharing her story and 3 tips for how you can use smell to help change your mindset and achieve your goals.


I’ve always been driven.

As the child of immigrants, watching my parents work hard was part of our daily bread and it was ingrained in us that was the path to success…

Do… Do some more – and when all seems to fail – do something else!

Always be ‘DOING’ seems to be the memo of the successful and I got it loud and clear. And yet as a woman who has chosen to shape her business to help other women to win in their businesses and lives, one of the concepts that has become increasingly important to me, and to those I serve, is the idea of ‘embodiment’

Or BEING the person who DOES the things you need to do, to GET the things you want.

The endless doing were the paving stones on the highway to burnout. The ‘fake it til you make it’ mantra serves no one…

And yet as I work to build my business – I’m very much seeing how BEING the person, is much more powerful and transformative than simply DOING the things. But ‘being is a 3D’, 5-sense experience. It takes all of you.

And as you work to embody the best version of yourself, there are sights, tastes, feelings, sounds and smells that go along with that. So, I was so beyond excited when I discovered one of my success smells came in the form of the Home Jewels Co Vanilla and Hazelnut soy candle. It was given to me by a friend and the minute I smelled that candle – I knew the smell. It took me to a place I go often. For inspiration. For information – and to put me in the space to raise the bar.

Over the years I have come across many people who use a variety of ‘anchors’ for success and the idea of ‘vision boards’ is something well known and understood for focus and support as you move towards your goals. So then why not scent?

Olfactory triggers are among the most powerful that we have, so why not make use of them when considering the ‘goals’ that we’re achieving or the ‘success’ that we’re moving towards?

In the spirit of supporting you to embody the success that you are working towards, I’ll share 3 tips to help you achieve your goals that little bit faster!

Use the Power of Rituals and Routines

One of the reasons why so many New Year’s Resolutions are not achieved is because they are forgotten about. They stay as resolutions. People put them as wishes, goals, and visions on a board – but they don’t make them part of the routines they have each day in order to progress towards them.

My Home Jewels Co candles form a powerful part of my success routines and sees me ensuring that I bring my goals and progress into focus often so that it can be focused on and moved forward.

Use all your Senses

Visions boards have done a great job of reminding us to know what success LOOKS like – but what about the other 4 senses? What does it sound, taste, feel and smell like? Because when you get there – it will be a full-body experience – and so it’s incredibly important that you know what’s going on in those spaces too. Expand your repertoire and know what your success anchors are for those senses too. It will help you to embody the things that you are working towards and help you be the person, and take the actions you need to bring them about.

Own your desires

This is probably the most important tip of all when it comes to your goals and dreams. Because we are often taught, in big ways and small, to regulate and adapt our dreams to things that are more ‘socially acceptable’ and explainable to others. We make our dreams ‘reasonable’ when that isn’t the point.

Your dreams aren’t supposed to be reasonable to anyone but you. With that in mind, I'll leave you with the powerful George Bernard Shaw quote:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

And hope that it inspires you to get your nose involved in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. It’s been a truly powerful accelerator for me, and hope that it helps you too. Find your success smell the way I did with a Home Jewels Co Sample Box.

Yinka is a huge believer in helping women to define success on their own terms and create inspiring impactful plans to achieve their wildest dreams… She’s also a Home Jewels Co SUPERFAN and is honoured to share this guest blog with you – Find out more about Yinka here

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