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6 Scents To Increase Concentration And Productivity At Work

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

January is often a month of new beginnings but many of us have found ourselves working from home once again! If you struggle to stay focused and productive whilst working from home, we’ve curated a list of scents you can introduce into your home office designed to help improve your concentration and productivity.

Good Morning
Female POC Working From Home - Zoom Meetings

If you need a Pick-Me-Up before that morning Teams call, consider trying coffee scents. The scent of coffee has been known to have a placebo-like effect and can perk you up, and it's a pretty good substitute for coffee if you’ve vowed to cut back this year.

When To Use: Light your candles an hour before you start your day so your space can be filled with these stimulating aromas.

Time For A Break

Do you have an upcoming performance review, have you been asked to present in a meeting, or have you simply been asked to turn your camera on? If so, incorporating scents like Lemon, Lavender, or Rose into your daily routine can help to reduce anxiety, increase concentration and brighten your day so you can take charge and handle anything the day throws at you.

When to use: If you’re the type to plow through the day, never leaving your desk, never taking a break. Close that laptop and light your wax melts. By the time you’ve finished loading the washing machine or boiling the kettle, the calming aromas will give you the boost you need to get through the day.

Time To Wind Down

You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do! It’s far easier to work longer hours, especially now our morning commute is a mere stroll down the hall, which makes setting boundaries for you, your family, friends, and colleagues so important. To work at your best, it’s important to take time out and power down at the end of the day. Think about switching to a warmer, deep, woody scent like sandalwood, known for its calming and mood-boosting properties.

Office desk with laptop, phone, headphones and smart watch| Desk flatlay
When to use: If you don’t have one already consider creating an after-work routine. Use this time to light a candle, stretch, meditate, or tidy up, anything to help you wind down and shake the stress of the day away.

Of course, no one is implying you must have a different scent for each stage of your day (although that would be rather interesting). Instead, consider how you feel when you walk into a house or office with a scented candle burning. The first thing most people think is “oooh, I love the smell in here”, by creating that same type of inviting atmosphere at your morning meeting, or in your workspace, you will be reinforcing the positive, productive atmosphere you want to create.

Why Not Try Some Of Our Favourite Work From Home Scents

Forget everything you thought you knew about soy candles. Home Jewels Co's vanilla and hazelnut soy candle is a deliciously indulgent candle that will leave your home smelling better than ever before. For use in any room in your home or office, simply light the wick and watch Home Jewels Co's vanilla and hazelnut soy candle do its magic as it fills your space with a sweet scent of roasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla.

Meet our new mandarin & sandalwood soy candle, an aromatic blend that transforms into a sumptuous scent your home will love. The combination of ingredients including sandalwood essential oils and mandarin natural extracts provides a depth of aroma that lingers on.

Relax and unwind with our lavender soy candles. Infused with French lavender petals to bring out the best in the fragrance, creating a mist of floral aromas that can calm even the most stressful of days.

"Home Sweet Office"

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