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wax melts

handmade plastic-free soy wax melts

Our highly scented soy wax melts are designed to fill your home with our decadent blends, each with a unique scent profile that complements the others. Crafted from premium soy wax and blended with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances, our melts ensure your living space always smells amazing, helping you unwind from the stresses of daily life.

Each pack contains six cubes, offering versatility in fragrance strength—use one cube for a subtle scent or two for a more robust aroma. Committed to eco-friendly practices, we proudly provide our soy wax melts in plastic-free packaging. Wrapped in recycled kraft paper, our packaging ensures easy, nature-friendly disposal, aligning with our passion for reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable living.

Handmade with care, our soy wax melts are a treat for your senses and a conscious choice for the environment. They make excellent gifts for loved ones and are perfect for self-indulgence, adding a touch of luxury and eco-friendliness to your home.

Experience the perfect blend of fragrance and sustainability with Home Jewels Co's soy wax melts. Shop now and find the perfect home fragrance to elevate and inspire your living space. If you're new to the world of wax melts, read "How to Safely & Effectively Use Wax Melts" to get you started.

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