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Why we love wax melts and why you should too

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Wax melts are incredibly underrated. I know what you’re thinking – “Are you serious?” Well, yes. It’s true! Wax melts deserve a little more love and attention from us all. They’re seriously awesome little things and they deserve a place in every home. Here are the reasons we love wax melts and why you should too:

If you’re not familiar with wax melts, they are scented pieces of wax that act as a flameless alternative to candles. They come in scented bars that can be broken into cubes, and you can expect a single cube to provide up to 12 hours of fragrance!

In comparison to candles, wax melts are the most versatile home fragrance option as they allow you to mix and match to create your own signature home fragrance and control the strength of the aroma with a simple cube.

Wax Melts vs Candles | Assorted Plastic Free Soy Wax Melts - Home Jewels Co
Vegan Plastic-Free Soy Wax Melts

These simple cubes also make for a great budget-friendly home fragrance alternative as wax melts are known to last longer and smell stronger than candles. Just 1 cube of our Melts costs 83p and typically lasts up to 12 hours! That’s 72 hours of hard-working home fragrances that create tailored moods for all living spaces.

So are you ready to get into the groove with wax melts? We hope so! They’re a great addition to any home and we think everyone needs to give them a try. Whether you use them once in a while, or every day like us, we're sure you’ll be sold on their awesomeness too!

Don't believe us?! Check out what our customers have to say:

"Can’t even tell you how much I love their wax melts. I’ve tried vanilla, coconut and rhubarb and custard and they all smell so good! Just bought lemon and banana bread and I can already tell they will be just as good. Will never buy my wax melts from anybody else" - Carly

"Obsessed with my wax melts such a strong scent and make the whole house smell great with just one cube, can relight the same melt a few times and still smells strong. VERY fast delivery service also." - Amber

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