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What Inspired You To Launch Home Jewels Co

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Owner and creator of the London-based soy candle brand Home Jewels Co, Astyn Gould, from an early age was more than aware of the impact fast consumerism was having on the planet. Her mother, who was a nurse by day and scuba instructor by night would often bring home trinkets found on the ocean floor, along with rants about the litter she found too. Armed with this knowledge, Astyn sought to live sustainably and would promote this lifestyle to anyone who would listen, but it became more and more apparent that there simply was not enough knowledge or awareness surrounding the benefits of this way of life or even what sustainable product swaps were available. As a result, she created Home Jewels Co in 2017, with the aim of promoting sustainability whilst producing an affordable, luxury, home fragrance line.

When developing the brand, sustainability and affordability were at the forefront of all decision-making as many highlighted that sustainable products were often too expensive, and they simply could not justify the purchase regardless of any health or planetary benefits. Four years on, Home Jewels Co has fostered a strong relationship with its ever-growing customer base through its continued effort to promote the benefits of making sustainable lifestyle changes, however small and continued development of their sustainably made soy candles, and wax melts which are suitable for any budget.

Astyn makes a concerted effort to work with UK suppliers that share her goal of exacting positive change by encouraging consumers to make small changes in their buying and daily habits to create a better environment for all.

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