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Find the gift of relaxation with this gift set that is perfect for your home, office or friends! Our premium wax melts are designed to be used with a wax warmer to release the beautiful scents of essential oils into your space. These gift sets are perfect for anyone who loves aromatherapy.

Wax Melt Kit

Only 6 left in stock
    • Review safety instructions listed on Home Jewels Co Wax Melt packaging.
    • Remove Packaging and break off 1-2 wax melt cubes
    • Place wax melt cubes on to well of the ceramic or electric wax warmer
    • Light tea light and insert into ceramic wax melt warmer or turn on
    • Allow wax melt cubes to melt fully and enjoy our wonderfully indulgent fragrances
    • When the tea light goes out, the wax melt pool will cool and solidify; which can be remelted until the fragrance fades.